We have recently introduced an exciting new reward scheme for attendance at St Chrysostom’s! Each week, the class with the highest attendance- in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2- will win £10 for their class. The winning classes can decide what they would like to spend their prize money on and we’ve already seen classes buy fantastic new toys for Golden Time and popcorn for a DVD and popcorn afternoon!


Some classes have decided they would like to save up their prize money and buy a larger treat at the end of the school year- year 5 have their sights set on a trip to the cinema! We hope to see lots more fantastic activities and prizes earned through great attendance, good luck everyone!


Friday 2nd December

Total weekly attendance is 96.5%.

EYS winners: Reception LT achieved 94.8% attendance.

KS1 winners: 2SJ achieved 97% attendance.

KS2 winners: 6A achieved 98.7% attendance.

All the class winners will receive £10.00 towards class activities. Well done!

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"The meeting was excellent because we all got a chance to talk about how to make the school a better place to be. I am looking forward to having more conversations with Miss Jackson and the other representatives about how we can make St. Chrysostom's an exciting and outstanding place to learn!"