The life of our heart affects the whole of our life. What’s in our heart will always be played out. What we put into our hearts will affect what we put our hearts into. Our lives will be greater or worse, more courageous or more fearful by what’s in our heart. Therefore, learning about how to lead our heart, when to lead from our heart, how to process pain, how to hope and how to love others is essential in learning about how to live. This is what HEARTSMART is. It’s a powerful toolkit that helps us to live with emotional intelligence and self mastery.

Here’s a quick overview of the five truths that make up HEARTSMART:


Don’t Forget To Let Love In

We start by considering the fact that we are unique, that we’re one in a million and above all that we’re loved. It’s where we start in HEARTSMART because it’s where we start in life. We all begin our days with the need to know that we are loved and safe4. This is the foundational truth to HEARTSMART, if we don’t love ourselves it’s hard, some may say impossible, to move onto showing love to others. Don’t Forget To Let Love In helps us value ourselves by understanding that we are valued. We discover that we’re not trash, we’re treasure, we’re not pointless we have purpose and because of love we always get a second chance.

Too Much Selfie Isn’t Healthy

This is about loving others, it’s about realising that although we’re 1 in a million, there’s another 7.3 billion people in the world and it’s not all about me, it’s about we. Selfies are fun, especially if it’s not just us in the frame but sometimes we need to lift our eyes from our phones, flip the camera round and consider the world beyond us. It’s about learning that it’s better to give than to get. Strange as it sounds it brings us more joy too.

Don’t Rub it In, Rub it Out

As we open ourselves up to the world beyond and make ourselves vulnerable in friendship we inevitably encounter hurt and disappointment from others. This is about how we handle that. When we’re in emotional pain we have a choice, get even, (rub it in) or forgive (rub it out). Forgiveness is hard but it’s the only option in living HEARTSMART. Forgiveness is the best gift that we can give ourselves. If we harbour unforgiveness we only ends up hurting ourselves. Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves, whoever and whatever it is, forgiveness shows love to others but it also shows love to us.

Fake Is A Mistake – Why do we lie?

Maybe it’s just to get out of trouble or maybe it’s because we want to present a better version of ourselves to the outside world. If we know that we’re loved and if we know that we’re enough as we are perhaps we’ll feel the urge to lie a little less? Choosing to tell the truth is a powerful way of showing love to ourselves but also to others. For others to trust us we have to show that we are trustworthy. This has an implication on everything that we say. Even white lies, small insignificant lies with no real consequence, impact our trustworthiness. If we’re faithful in the small, we’ll be faithful in the big. But aside from mere truth-telling, Fake is a Mistake means being free to be yourself.

No Way Through isn’t True

Just because you’ve found something impossible in the past doesn’t mean that it’s impossible today. No matter what problem you encounter there is always a solution and what’s more, you’ll know what it is. If you believe there’s a solution, you’ll keep searching for it. The first thing that makes something impossible is the belief that it is. We are more likely to take risks from a place of love and love of others means seeing the potential in them. Hope springs from love. As we approach problems with hope, we begin to see solutions we hadn’t seen before. There’s always a way through, it might be different to what we originally thought but it’s true.
Take a look at some of the photos below from the launch of Heart Smart at St Chrysostom’s.