Joy of Reading


Reading is a key life skill and we believe in ensuring every child can read fluently and comprehend excellently before leaving our school. We approach the teaching of Reading in a variety of engaging ways, working to support every child to enjoy Reading different genres and text types.


Children are taught to read with the use of systematic synthetic phonics (Read,Write Inc.) from the beginning of Nursery. The teaching of phonics is an integral part of the school day where children have the opportunity to work in small focus groups depending on their attainment. Phonics is built upon in Guided Reading sessions in Reception,  where small groups work with a key adult to build their comprehension skills.

Key Stage One and Two

Children continue to embed their phonics knowledge throughout the Read, Write Inc. scheme. Most children will have embedded phonic knowledge by the end of Key Stage One but will continue to access phonics teaching throughout the school until they are fluent readers. As they move through school, children progress through a range of reading scheme books. As they become free readers, they can choose from a wide range of books from our school library areas. Children have access to a wide variety of books in school, accessing texts during Guided Reading and Inference sessions, reading for pleasure and the use of the class novels system in English lessons.

Home Reading Books-

Children will be given a new reading book from their class teacher to take home and share with friends and families on a weekly basis.  Children will be moved up through the stages when their teacher feels that they are fluent with the words within that stage and that they understand the meaning of what they have read.  Ask your child’s class teacher for more information about our reading books.

At school, we encourage your child to read a range of books and talk about the books they read.  We also show and encourage the children to look after the books they borrow so that other children can enjoy reading them too.

Click here to view the recommended reading list for all year groups

Enthusiastic Readers

In each phase we are looking at how to engage our children, families and staff to read. We have some exciting activities and events linked to reading. Here are some examples. Look out for information about new events.


Phonics workshop

Library trips

Mystery Readers

Book club

Cosy reading afternoons.

Reading buddies

Parent workshops. (Read, write Inc – December 2016.  Comprehension January 2017.)





Everyone is a reader.

Everyone wants to read.

Everyone can read.


Author of the Term

This term, at St Chrysostom’s we are looking at Oliver Jeffers.

His work includes:

Why not take a look at his website to find out more about him and his books:


Authors and Poets

We invite authors and poets into our school to share their stories and poems with the children.

In January the author Paul Geraghty visited! We couldn’t wait to find out more about his wonderful books.

Visit his website to find out more about him.



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