Values & Ethos

Values & Ethos

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At St. Chrysostoms our vision is for all pupils to become confident and motivated: enabling all to reach their full potential as children of God and responsible citizens skilled for the 21st century.

Every child deserves to enjoy school life. Through our values we create a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which all learners can thrive.

Our ethos values are:

    • Trust
    • Care
    • Respect and responsibility
    • Resilience

These value enable children to access God given skills and abilities in order to be:
We believe that children in the 21st century need to
Be literate,
Be articulate,
Be numerate,
Be knowledgeable,
Be confident,
Be self-motivated,
Be approachable,
Use and question ICT,
Work on their own,
Work with other people,
Think creatively and make connections,
Analyse problems and create solutions.

Our learning values are:

  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Interdependence
  • Positive thinking
  • Independence
  • Questioning

These will enable children to contribute positively to society as independent spiritual thinkers who strive to do their best for their society.


  • Parental questionnaire
  • Children involved in Democratic processes e.g. choosing golden time rewards, school councillors, rewards and incentives etc.
    Learning Council
  • Links with local MPs and Councillors who visit the School and speak to the pupils e.g. Nursery opening visit
    Peer Mediators
  • Pupil Voice section on website or newsletter


Mutual Respect

  • Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) taught across all year groups as part of the PSHE curriculum.
  • Achievement assembly and sharing assembly.
  • Positive relationships encouraged and modelled,
    pupil-pupil, adult-pupil
  • R.E curriculum – emphasising core values and
  • Anti-bullying/diversity week
  • Anti-bullying workshops
  • Competitive Sports and Team building through
    sports provision e.g. Football tournament
  • Peer ‘buddy’ arrangements for new pupils.
  • Values displays linked to Christian principles.
  • Peer mediation
  • Commando Joe


Rule of Law

  • School Behaviour policy – all stakeholders are aware of the policy and it is understood and followed.
  • Pupils have regular opportunities to reflect e.g. learning, their behaviour, during assemblies.
  • School building links with local emergency services. Police visit and carry out assemblies linked to themes e.g. Community Safety.
  • School rules in each classroom


Personal Responsibility and Liberty

  • Understanding responsibility in school in terms of behaviour and learning attitude.
  • Pupils’ roles in school: pastoral advisers, lunchtime supervisors, peer mediators, learning council · School values—known and articulated by school community members
  • Values assemblies planned for
  • Values displayed around the school and evident in action
  • What went wrong reflection following behaviour incidents (links to school values) e.g. Behaviour policy.
  • Belonging to school community, pride in appearance, uniform.
  • PSP
  • Achievement charts


Tolerance of culture, faith and others

  • RE Curriculum – emphasis on similarities between religions.
  • Black History Programme.
  • Cultural and religious theme assemblies e.g. Diwali, Chinese New Year.
  • Festival assembly celebrations e.g. Harvest, Diwali, Yom Kippur
  • Educational visits e.g. Mosque, Jewish Museum and Hindu Temple.
  • Reflect on opportunities in assemblies (School Prayer).
  • Thought for day (Home me prayer).
  • Collective worship on a regular basis including those led by Parish Priest.
Values & Ethos
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"Outstanding care, guidance and support ensure that all groups of pupils achieve outstandingly well. The outstanding promotion of equal opportunities for every pupil, regardless of ability and background, underpins every aspect of the schools work and its successes."
Ofsted Report 2011