As we are a Church of England school we take great pride in our close links with our church, St. Chrysostoms, which is located on Anson Road, just along the road from our school.

Our relationship with the church is extremely important and everyone there helps our school in many ways.

St Chrysostom’s Church has its own website, blog and Twitter account. They can be reached here:

On Thursday 3rd November, we had our SIAMS Inspection (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools). Click here to see the report!

School Prayer

Munamato at St Chrysostom’s Primary School is a 20 minute weekly inter faith gathering for prayer and spirituality, for children, and any adults who come along. It’s taken place for several years now, and is popular with children, and staff. The term munamato means gathering of people and derives from the Swahili language Shona. Every week a child from each class is chosen to take part. Together with Fr. Ian they discuss recent events in school and around the world. They pray, light candles and share stories from the Bible. This is an important time for reflection for children.

Here is our school prayer:

May God bless this school with faith and hope and happiness. May we be kind to each other and grow together in love. Amen.

Church Visits

14.06.17 – Manchester Cathedral Visit – Year 6 Leavers Service
All the children from Year 6 took part in a special leavers’ service at the Manchester Cathedral this week. The theme of the service was ‘Life in all its Fullness’ with a particular focus on justice, wisdom and compassion. The children designed a prayer to encompass the theme and were joined by many other church schools from across Manchester for the occasion. This was an enriching and spiritual experience that enabled the children to reflect on their Christian distinctiveness.

07.06.17 – Confirmation at St Chrysostom’s Church for Year 5 Children
Children from Year 5 were confirmed this week by Bishop Mark at St. Chrysostom’s Church. They were joined by their fellow pupils from Years 4 and 5 as well as children that were confirmed last year from Year 6. Two pupils were also baptised during the ceremony. It was a wonderfully joyous and special occasion that encompassed everything our school represents. Bishop Mark said, “I had a wonderful time with inspirational pupils and staff at St Chrysostom’s School, and a lovely walk to St Chrysostom’s Church for a joyful Confirmation, thanks to all who made it possible.”

See below for a sample of beautiful prayers and artwork from pupils. These are displayed in both the school and the St Chrysostom’s Church.
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"Outstanding care, guidance and support ensure that all groups of pupils achieve outstandingly well. The outstanding promotion of equal opportunities for every pupil, regardless of ability and background, underpins every aspect of the schools work and its successes."
Ofsted Report 2011